1.       Begin by turning the water heater by-pass valves and winterization diverter lever.


2.       Insert hose from diverter into a gallon bottle of RV Antifreeze and turn on your water pump.  The pump will surge with pressure, and divert from your fresh water tank to the anti-freeze bottle.


3.       Turn your cold water faucet on and let it run until it runs with anti-freeze then shut is off.  Re peat procedure for the hot water side of the faucet.


4.       Repeat step three for the following; Bathroom, bathroom shower, toilet, and outside shower


5.       Go outside and remove the drain plug from the hot water tank.  Flip the air pressure release valve open to let the tank drain faster.  Do not re-insert the drain plug until you are ready to fill the hot water tank with fresh water.


6.       Leave the by-pass and winterization valves as they are.  You are now WINTERIZED!!!




1.       Leave water heater by pass valves in by pass position.  This will prevent anti-freeze from going into the hot water tank


2.       Fill your fresh water tank with water and move the diverter lever to normal flow position.


3.       Turn on your water pump.  Your water pump will surge with water pressure.


4.       Turn on the cold water faucet and let run until water runs clear.  Repeat procedure on hot water side of the faucet.


5.       Repeat procedure for the Bathroom faucet, Bathroom Shower, Toilet and outside shower.


6.       Shut off the water pump.  Open the By-pass valves.


7.       Re-insert the drain plug in the hot water tank.  Close the air pressure release valve (on the hot water tank).


8.       Turn on the water pump, and open a hot water faucet so the air  will escape while the hot water pump fills the hot water tank.  When the water runs through the faucet you have completed the de-winterization process.